We are an Electronic Structure Theory Research Group at the University of California, Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. We have worked on nearly all aspects of electronic structure at some point in time or the other, but one can glean our current interests from the Research page.

Our wavefunctions are mostly spatially localized at the basement of Gilman Hall and our Group Meetings typically run from 2-4 PM on Friday afternoons.


06/07/2018: The paper describing Narbe’s latest functional (a Rung 5 double hybrid) came out as a featured article in the Journal of Chemical Physics. This is probably the most accurate DFT functional till date. Nice work!

05/22/2018: Daniel departed to take up a position at Schrodinger at New York city.  Congratulations and best wishes for the road ahead!

05/02/2018: Diptarka‘s recent paper was selected as an Editor’s pick in the Journal of Chemical Physics. Nice work!

04/11/2018: Congratulations to Matthias Loipersberger for passing his qualifying exam!

04/04/2018: Congratulations to Katherine Oosterbaan for passing her qualifying exam!

03/28/2018: Daniel Levine gave a wonderful talk on Adaptive Sampling CI at the West Coast Theory Symposium at Stanford. Diptarka, Erum, Jerome, Katherine, Romit and Yuezhi also presented posters.

03/12/2018: Congratulations to Diptarka Hait for passing his qualifying exam!